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Termites and Leaking Showers

Termites and Leaking Showers

Nothing causes a home-owner more anxiety than the possibility of a termite infestation. I write from experience as my family live in a 110 year old timber home that we spent 15,000 dollars repairing after finding termites nesting in the lower level a few years ago. We discovered several termite colonies when some timber wall framing disintegrated when our son tried to hang a poster on the wall of his bedroom. Needless to say, well timber had encouraged the termites to invade our home.

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Bathroom Makeovers By The Shower Dr

Bathroom Makeovers By The Shower Dr

We all know that bathroom renovations can be costly and involve significant building work and many different trades but now there’s an alternative with The Shower Dr Bathroom Rejuvenation / Makeover service.

The chances are that your bathroom can be brought back to life quickly and cost effectively by the Shower Dr. Our trained bathroom makeover technicians can achieve amazing results and make your bathroom look and feel as if it were built yesterday.

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Guaranteed Shower Repairs South East QLD

Guaranteed Shower Repairs South East QLD

Traditional shower repairs can be very expensive and leaking showers are a headache for homeowners and landlords alike.  The Shower Dr provides a complete solution in cost-effective shower repairs without removing any tiles.

We use only Mapei products which are known in the construction industry as being the best on the market worldwide, these products mean your shower repairs will be carried out using the best available materials.

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Why Showers Leak

Why Showers Leak

Our clients often ask us why showers leak after seemingly not causing any problems for a long time. In reality the waterproofing in the shower has probably been failing for some time and it is only when something becomes obvious that we are called to detect a shower leak and evaluate the work which has to be undertaken. Below are some of the most common causes why showers leak:

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