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Leaking Balcony Repairs and Resealing

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LEAKING BALCONY REPAIRS – Leaking balconies are quite common in older buildings and even some more modern structures. Leaking balconies should be repaired quickly and professionally because of the potential to cause structural damage. It is also common for such leaks to cause water damage to the interior of the property.

Leaking Balconies Repairs – what to look for 

There are may signs that indicate that a balcony required professional attention and repair, these include:
  • water penetrating the interior walls or ceiling of the propertyleaking balcony repairs
  • loose of cracked tiles on the balcony surface
  • rust marks
  • mould or rising damp
  • calcification of grout between the tiles


Most leaking balcony repairs are undertaken by stripping the balcony of existing tiles, re-waterproofing then re-tiling the balcony area which can be a costly, inconvenient and time consuming process.


At the The Shower Dr we carry out leaking balcony repairs in the same way as we repair leaking showers. One of our trained technicians will use thermal imaging and water detection equipment to identify any problem areas accurately and quickly. All of the existing grout and sealants are then removed from affected area and the balcony resealed with waterproof Mapei Kerapoxy grout without the need to remove any of the existing tiles. The Shower Dr balcony re-sealing system provides a long term solution to leaking balcony and is trusted by homeowners, property managers and body corporate organisations.
If you have a leaking balcony and would  know more contact the Shower Dr for a free quote, we’d be happy to discuss the all of your options and find a permanent solution to repair your balcony. We are fully licenced QBCC registered builders you can trust to provide a professional and fully guaranteed service.

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