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Leaking Shower Resealing and Repairs FAQ

These are some questions clients ask about our service, the products we use and what makes The Shower Dr different!

A message from Rhys Daniel about leaking shower repairs FAQ

Rhys Daniel, Shower Dr’s CEO talks about the company’s philosophy, customer service, workmanship, answers some of our client’s most common leaking shower repairs FAQ and talks about shower resealing shower leaks, shower repairs and shower rebuilds

What kind of work does The Shower Dr undertake?

We are a specialist shower resealing and repair company and a part of BATS Bathrooms and Queensland Epoxy Solutions. We do all bathroom repairs, we fix and seal leaking showers, undertake full bathroom renovations and also have experience in bathrooms for the disabled.

Much of our work focuses on repairing leaking showers which if not attended to can lead to structural damage to the home. Many of our clients opt for our bathroom rejuvenation service which is a complete bathroom makeover at the fraction of the cost of a renovation. This is a great option for customers who are selling a home as the state of the bathroom is one of the most important things that home buyers consider.

About the only think we don’t do is repair broken shower screens. Unfortunately we can’t stock parts for the many different types of screens but there are specialist repairers who provide this service and can be found on Google. However, if you need a new screen we’re happy to help.

Are you licensed and qualified?

Yes we are, we are tradesmen not salesmen. Our QBCC Medium Rise Builder’s licence number is 1510 7208, we are also members of the HIA (584289). We take our work very seriously and all of our technicians undertake specialist training in our specific field and also with the products we use.

Does it cost anything to get a quote?

No, our tradesman will come to you, examine the work to be  undertaken and usually give you an on the spot, written obligation free quote, if not a fully detailed quote will be emailed to you within 24 hours. If necessary we will do free moisture reading a leak detection test. All of our quotes are valid for 30 days.

In what suburbs do you work?

We repair leaking showers, rebuild shower bases and complete showers as well as undertake bathroom renovation including tiling, in the whole of South East Queensland. This covers all of Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich as well as the Sunshine Coast.

What products do you use and why?

We use Mapei sealant products which have a proven track record for reliability and quality.  Mapei manufacture world leading, industry standard epoxy products and carry 10 year product warranty. You can find more information on our products page.

Is your work guaranteed?

Absolutely, all our work carries a written guarantee of up to 10 years. Because every job is different the guarantee we will offer you may vary accordingly depending on the condition of the bathroom, the warranty given will be discussed with you before work starts. All of our Mapei products carry a 10 year guarantee against mould, leaks and colour change.

How do I know if my shower needs attention?

Usually you’ll know because water had become apparent somewhere else in the house. Peeling, missing or mouldy silicone is the first sign of water ingress, if not attended to this will always result in a waterproofing failure over time. Other signs can be damp carpet, swollen or rotting architrave or skirting boards, missing grout between tiles, damp stains or smell.

How long will does a Shower Dr Epoxy service take?

Depending on the scope of work required and moisture content a Shower Service takes between 6 – 8 hours. Bathroom Rejuvenations can take between a day to three days again, depending on the scope of work. We will be able to give you an accurate assessment when we provide a quote.

Your shower can be used again 24 hours after the completion of the service.

How long before the service should we stop using the shower?

It is recommended that the area be clear, clean and dry before the shower service so we ask clients not to use the shower or shower bath on the day of the service. In cases when there is significant water damage we may require that the shower not be used for 2 days to ensure that the area is fully dry.

Is your shower repair service noisy or dusty?

There will be minimal noise, mess and disruption on the day of the service. Our tradespeople are tidy and understand that they are working in your home and any dust is cleaned up by the technicians who are equipped with vacuum cleaners. You bathroom will be spotless when our technician leaves your home. Check out some of our reviews.

Does epoxy grout leave a strong smell in the house?

A normal shower services will leave no noticeable or lasting smell in the bathroom. Should any silicone or sealant leave a slight odour it will dissipate very quickly.

Do you offer shower screen replacement or tiling service?

Yes, we do. The Shower Dr scope of work goes from a simple Shower Service though Bathroom Rejuvenation to full Bathroom Renovations. We are very happy to provide and fit new shower screens should you require one and we also carry out tiling works. Your technician can do straight forward tiling work such a replace cracked or broken tiles subject to tiles being available. For full renovations we employ our own tilers.

However we do not offer a repair service for old screens as parts are difficult to source. There are specialist companies that carry out screen repairs.

Does my home insurance cover leaking showers?

In general house insurance doesn’t cover repairs to leaking showers. Home and contents insurance may cover damage to other rooms but not the shower or bathroom area. Insurance usually covers burst pipes pr damage caused by an accident.

Your best insurance cover is to repair any potential problems before a leak starts. See How do I know if my shower needs attention? above.

Have Any Other Leaking Shower Repairs FAQ?

If there’s something more you’d like to know about shower resealing just give us a call on 07 3274 2843 and ask Rhys or one of our friendly and expert team.

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Absolutely fantastic work. Meeile was prompt, kept a very clean work site and did his utmost to make sure surrounding area around the bathroom was kept clean. He went above and beyond in making sure the repairs to the shower blended with the rest of the tiles on the wall and floor and talked me through the process in respect to the after care. I will be recommending the ShowerDr to everyone. Great service.

Ellen H

Brisbane, Google Review

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