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So, why is it so hard to keep a shower clean?

Cleaning a shower is no-ones' favourite job

How to keep your shower clean
The number one reason it’s hard to keep a shower clean is the grout between the tiles. 
The most popular grout used in Australia today is cement based grout. Traditionally grey, cement grout is now available in a wide variety of colours and textures.

Because these grouts are porous, they are prone to mildew and mould. Our clients tell us that no matter how hard or how often they clean, it seems impossible to “get the dirt” out of the grout. 
When we inspect showers we rarely actually see much dirt or grime, mostly we find mildew and mould. These seem to get into the fabric of the grout because it is porous, and once embedded mould is almost impossible to remove.

Cleaning your shower by hard scrubbing can actually be counter-productive as this can shorten the life of the grout. Even the most powerful and potentially toxic cleaning agents only manage to clean the surface of grout and mould quickly returns. 
Apart from leaving the grout to completely dry out between uses which can take days, there wasn’t an easy solution to this perennial problem until recently.


Epoxy based grouts make cleaning your shower easy

The development of Mapei epoxy based grouts and sealants over the past few years has provided a permanent solution to many people’s shower-cleaning dilemma. Mapei grouts are completely waterproof, mould resistant and are now used in many applications including commercial kitchens, high end apartments and construction. The advantages of epoxy grouts over cement grouts are many, epoxy grouts and sealants are:

  • 100% waterproof and as such can be used to seal leaking showers and bathrooms cost effectively and permanently
  • mould and bacteria repellant meaning that mould spores can’t take root in the grout ensuring a clean and hygienically safer shower. In fact epoxy grouts and sealants are food-grade safe which is important to many families with children.


A Shower Dr Service – the permanent solution to mould

If you’re finding it impossible to keep your shower clean and you want a permanent solution, call The Shower Dr about a shower service. A Shower Dr Shower Service will completely refresh your shower recess and give it new life. We’ll;

  • remove all of the old cement based grout and silicone sealants from your shower;
  • chemical clean the shower recess to ensure that mould is completely removed;
  • regrout your shower with waterproof, mould resistant, easy to clean grouts and silicones.
  • leave your bathroom pristine and clean, ready for use, and;
  • give you a Shower Dr warranty against any shower leaks.


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A young man called Paul did a job on our bathroom today, what a great tradesman, left the whole bathroom clean.

Elaine Richards

Brisbane, Google Review - 4/5/2019

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