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Expert leaking shower repairs, it's not rocket science

But there are a few things which must be done right

The Shower Dr For Expert Leaking Shower Repair

Repairing leaking showers isn’t rocket science, it’s mostly common sense and good workmanship, but like any building repair, the work should be undertaken by a suitably qualified tradesperson.


A few facts about showers and shower repairs

Most of us don’t stop to think how much use the average shower gets. Most showers are used twice a day, or more than 700 times a year. If we allow 10 minutes per shower, the average shower is in use and wet for more than 116 hours a year, twice that in a home of 4 people.
This means that in an average home, over a 10 year period a shower recess gets 2300 hours or more than 3 months of continuous use. Showers and bathrooms are some of the most used rooms in our homes, and being wet areas, the most important to keep in good condition.


At The Shower Dr, we’re experts in leaking shower repairs

The Shower Dr specialises in fixing leaking showers and all other kinds of shower repairs. In fact, over the past few months we’ve repaired and rejuvenated more than 500 showers and bathrooms. We are professional tradespeople and we carry out expert shower repairs. Over the years, we’ve found that these are some of the most common mistakes people make when repairing showers:

  • Waiting too long before repairing a leak
    By the time you notice a leak in your shower, it has most likely been leaking for sometime and shower leaks, like a toothache, never get better, they only get worse. As they get worse, the risk is that more and more damage is being done and the shower is becoming correspondingly more expensive to repair.If you have a water leak and need a shower repair, call The Shower Dr. We’re the professionals in quick, cost effective shower repairs and we’ll do the job properly the first time. After all, if you have a toothache you don’t try to fix the tooth yourself or call an unqualified person to do the work, you call a professional and the work is done correctly.The sooner you act after finding a shower leak, the more likely it is that the leak can be repaired cost effectively and without removing any tiles.
  • Not pinpointing the source of the problem or the leakExpert Leaking Shower Repair
    Every week we speak to home owners and landlords who have either tried to repair their leaking shower themselves or called someone in to do it. In many cases the source of the leak has never been identified and the “fix” is little more than running a bead of silicone around the shower.This never works, it always masks the real problem and makes matters worse, as the leak continues often behind the tiles and in the walls or floor. Water always finds a way.When The Shower Dr comes to your home we use the latest non-invasive leak detection testing equipment to detect and locate any leak or burst pipes quickly and efficiently. We have invested in the FLIR C2 which is the world’s first full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera specifically designed to find even the smallest water leaks in a completely safe and non-invasive way. We’ll find the leak and we fix it correctly and, we guarantee our work.
  • Using an incorrect solution
    Shower leaks don’t always stem from the same cause and shower repair solutions should be tailored to specific problems. A “band-aid” solution may prove a short-term fix or even last a year or two. When we undertake shower repairs we do so correctly which is why we can offer a long and comprehensive guarantee, and if we can’t guarantee your repair we won’t carry it out. We will however offer you alternative solutions that will last.
  • Unrealistic expectations
    We are often called out to look at showers that have been leaking for many years with the expectation that we can simply re-seal and regrout them with our Mapei Kerapoxy grout and make the problem disappear. Unfortunately some of our customers leave it too long before they call and the only option left is for us to rebuild the shower recess completely. Of course, this is a service that we offer and all of our shower rebuilds carry a 10 year guarantee. However, shower rebuilds can often be avoided if homeowners act decisively when they discover a water leak or cracked tile in their shower.

We’re friendly, local and professional. Give us a call on 07 3274 2843 and we’ll happily give you and obligation free quote. 

I give this review 5 stars purely to the sheer effort, quality and the skills shown my Meelis while he was here over the 3 days doing all three bathrooms in our home. Meelis is the reason companies like the Shower Dr exist, its not advertising, management, a companies good name or even the owner for that matter, it is simply the people like Mel who work and bring their A game and can really showcase their abililty and blow away the customers with amazing work. What ever remuneration package this man is on simply isn’t enough. We can’t thank him enough and would have no hesitation in recommending and requesting Mel should you ever require the services of the Shower Dr

Jason Lewis

Brisbane , Facebook Review - 2-3-2019

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