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BATHROOM REPAIRS – Often by the time a bathroom or shower develops problems such as water leaks or cracked or loose tiles its actually had a surprising amount of wear and tear. Most showers are used twice a day, or more than 700 times a year. If we allow 10 minutes per shower, the average shower is in use and wet for more than 116 hours a year, twice that in a home of 4 people.
This means that most showers, over a 10 year period a shower recess gets 2300 hours or more than 3 months of continuous use. So it’s little wonder that over time a little bit of love and basic repairs or maintenance are needed.

Bathroom Repairs – the minimum to keep your shower in safe working order

A lot of factors contribute to leaking showers but he most common cause of leaks is a failure of the waterproof membrane under the tiles. This membrane is the line of protection that keeps water from damaging the structure of your home. A failure in this waterproofing can occur for a number of reasons including; poor application, building movement or poorly constructed wet areas. Whatever the cause, the minimum bathroom repairs that needs to be undertaken to a leaking shower is to renew the waterproof seal.


Traditionally this has been done by removing the tiles, making any necessary repairs and re-waterproofing the wet area before retiling. It goes without saying that this can be an expensive exercise.


Thankfully at The Shower Dr we can remove the existing grout from your shower and reseal it with waterproof Mapei Kerapoxy grout leaving the existing tiles intact. This repair is the minimum guaranteed repair which will prolong the life of your shower and bathroom.


Bathroom restoration – restoring an older shower

Many of our clients take the opportunity to take their shower service a little further and choose a bathroom restoration. This Shower Dr service rejuvenates, restores or is a makeover of their old bathroom. This gives an older bathroom a fresh new look without going to the expense of a full bathroom renovation which can run unto many thousands of dollars. If you decide your bathroom repairs should involve restoring the existing bathroom rather than renovating, the work is usually completed in a day or two.


A shower or bathroom restoration can include:
    •     A full Shower Dr Service where all of the existing grout is removed and replaced with Mapei waterproof grouts sealing any leaks.
    •    Cracked or damaged tiles can be replaced at the same time.
    •    New taps and a water saving shower rose can also be fitted.
    •    A new modern shower screen can be installed giving the whole shower recess a fresh new look.
    •    If necessary the whole bathroom can be spruced up and refreshed with fresh silicones and sealants.
    •    Finally the bathroom is chemically cleaned to remove all traces of mould and your restored bathroom is ready for use.
When restoring an old bathroom to its former glory we can do as much or as little work as you’d like, all within a fixed budget and with the minimum of inconvenience.


Making the old new again

If you’d like to know more contact the Shower Dr for a free quote, we’d be happy to discuss the all of your options and find a solution to restore your bathroom. If you’re underling bathroom repairs, a bathroom restoration is great for the environment too as you get the best possible result using less precious resources.

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