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Shower Moisture – The Early Warning Signs

The Pros and Cons of DIY Shower Repairs

Most of us like to think that we’re pretty handy when it comes to DIY around the house. We’ll tackle almost any household repair after getting tips from a quick Google search and a couple of YouTube videos. For most DIY tasks this is a reasonable strategy but there are some household repairs and maintenance jobs that are best left to the experts.

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Leaking Shower Repairs – A Cautionary Tale

Leaking Shower Repairs – A Cautionary Tale

About a year ago we were asked to provide a property manager with a quote to repair a leaking shower. The shower was in a luxury townhouse in a popular Brisbane inner city suburb.

A Shower Dr tradesperson inspected the shower recess and found a few cracked and loose tiles, some missing grout and failing silicone. Our technician diagnosed the most probable cause of the leak to be a failure of the waterproof membrane possibly due to movement in the building.

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Termites and Leaking Showers

Termites and Leaking Showers

Nothing causes a home-owner more anxiety than the possibility of a termite infestation. I write from experience as my family live in a 110 year old timber home that we spent 15,000 dollars repairing after finding termites nesting in the lower level a few years ago. We discovered several termite colonies when some timber wall framing disintegrated when our son tried to hang a poster on the wall of his bedroom. Needless to say, well timber had encouraged the termites to invade our home.

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Shower Maintenance – your car isn’t the only thing that needs servicing

Shower Maintenance – your car isn’t the only thing that needs servicing

Carrying out regular shower maintenance is important to the life of your shower.

Most of us are very diligent when it comes to servicing our cars. New cars come with a service book that is filled out every time a mechanic performs a regular service, and when it comes to trading an old vehicle in for a new one, a full service history can add significant value to your trade.

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