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THE SHOWER DR & HYGIENE MOULD SERVICE – We’re heading into our worst flu season in decades. With COVID-19 on the rise in SEQ, personal hygiene has become absolutely paramount and is one of the most effective means of slowing it’s spread.

Mould Treatment and Healthy Bathrooms by The Shower Dr

Good personal hygiene starts in the home. For this reason it is our mission to continue to provide our essential bathroom maintenance services to ensure families across SEQ have safe, clean and functioning bathrooms to maintain their personal health and hygiene. And, we will to do so whilst upholding the highest standards of care for you and our staff. (Read more about The Shower Dr COVID-19 Safety Measures here)

Leaking or poorly constructed showers are notorious for causing dampness and mould in the bathroom and or adjoining rooms. These are ideal breeding grounds for a range of germs, bacteria and mould. Not something you want when heading into one of our scariest flu seasons yet.

When mould occurs in the bathroom it can be nearly impossible to clean or remove permanently, without eliminating the source. The most common places for mould to occur in the bathroom, is in silicone, tiles, grout and under your shower screen.

If you have a hard to clean bathroom, you will know what a headache it is to keep hygienic for you and your family. The Shower Dr Bathroom Hygiene service is designed to reset your bathroom to its cleanest possible state so that you can stay on top it. Don’t fight a losing battle.


The Shower Dr Bathroom Hygiene & Mould Removal Service includes

  • Removal of any defective, grimy or mouldy silicone throughout the bathroom. Including wall joins, shower screen and any other area deteriorated, mouldy or defective silicone.
  • Remove mould from your tiles and silicone.
  • Mould treatment, using the highest quality mould treatment products available
  • Chemical clean your bathroom, giving you a clean and hygienic bathroom that you can stay on top of.

Our processes are fast, safe and treat mould at the source. The Shower Dr anti-microbial solutions trace the mould to the source to effectively treat both visible and hidden mould.

If you can see mould in your bathroom or shower, it needs to be treated so to safeguard your health and wellbeing. Call The Shower Dr, generally we’ll  give you an obligation free quote over the phone. Turn your bathroom into a health, safe haven before this flu season, call The Shower Dr today.

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