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What Not To Do With A Leaking Shower

The pitfalls of not repairing a leaking shower properly


Did you know shower leaks are among the top defects listed by building inspectors in Australia?

Did you know that most shower rebuilds or renovations could be prevented by detecting leaks early and addressing with a simple shower service by a qualified and licensed shower repair expert?

If the answer these was no, read on!

Repairing leaking showers isn’t rocket science, it’s mostly common sense and good workmanship. But, like any building repair, the work should be undertaken by a suitably qualified tradesperson.

Here’s why.

Most of us don’t stop to think how much use the average shower gets. Most showers are used twice a day, or more than 700 times a year. If we allow 10 minutes per shower, the average shower is in use and wet for more than 116 hours a year, twice that in a home of 4 people.

This means that in an average home, over a 10-year period a shower recess gets 2300 hours or more than 3 months of continuous use. WHAAAT??!!!

Showers and bathrooms are some of the most used rooms in our homes, and being wet areas, the most important to keep in good condition.

Over the years, we’ve serviced thousands of showers and encountered every imaginable mistake made by either the owner, or tradesmen. So, we have compiled this list, to help you understand shower maintenance and what to look out for when it’s time to call in the pros.


Leaving it too long

By the time you notice a leak in your shower, it has most likely been leaking for some time. Shower leaks, like a toothache, never get better, they only get worse. As they get worse, the risk is that more and more damage is being done to your property and the shower is becoming correspondingly more expensive to repair. The sooner you act after finding a shower leak, the more likely it is that the leak can be repaired without removing any tiles.

This will save you a PACKET!


Not pinpointing the source of the leak:

Every week we speak to homeowners and landlords who have either tried to repair their leaking shower themselves or called someone in to do it. In many cases the true source of the leak has never been identified and the “fix” is little more than running a bead of silicone around the shower. This never works, it always masks the real problem making matters worse, as the leak continues often behind the tiles and in the walls or floor. Water always finds a way.


Not removing the shower screen:

We’re seeing a worrying trend of shower repair companies skipping the vital step of removing the shower screen when carrying out their repairs. There appears to be two main reasons for this.

  1. To keep the time and cost down, to win the work.
  2. Removing and refitting screens requires skill. If you don’t know what you are doing, you risk damaging the screen or not being able to refit and seal it correctly after the repairs have been carried out. Either way, taking the screen off, removing all existing grouts and sealants is critical if you want a eradicate mould and guarantee you aren’t just creating a short term, Band-Aid fix. Many times the source of a leak is hidden underneath the shower as can be seen in the video below.




Skim Coating:

Shower leaks don’t always stem from the same cause and shower repair solutions should be tailored to specific problems. A “band-aid” solution such as skim coating, may prove a short-term fix or even last a year or two. There are times when a skim coat will suffice, however we highly recommend you do your research on whether the solution will last in your shower. If your house has any shift or movement, this can cause the skim coat to fail and your warranty will, most times, be null and void.

Do your research and check your warranty!


Unrealistic expectations:

We are often called out to look at showers that have been leaking for many years with the expectation that we can simply reseal and regrout them and make the problem disappear. Unfortunately, some of our customers leave it too long before they call and the only option left is for us to rebuild the shower recess completely. However, shower rebuilds can often be avoided if homeowners act decisively when they discover a water leak or cracked tile in their shower.

A simple leak detection test and knowing the early warning signs of shower leaks, could save you from preventable and costly renovations.

In this video, company owner and CEO Rhys Daniel walks us through a Shower Dr leak detection test and some of the ways to spot leaks before they become a major headache.

Call The Shower Dr, we’ll give you a free obligation free quote enabling you to take full advantage of all of the detection technology available to you. We’re quick, neat, reliable, professional and we we care about our customers.


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Had our shower recess regrouted and sealed. Very thorough job,  cleaned up afterwards. Looks great.  Only thing I recommend is consider whether your shower screen needs replacing at same time. Wish we had replaced ours.

David Bristow

Brisbane, Google Review 12/7/2019

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